Our History

Stefanie Tovar founded Hanuman Homies in Spring 2017 to inspire connection to service within her DFW yoga community. Hanuman Homies gives back by hosting yoga and fundraising events, championing donation drives, and providing yoga within the community. 

Hanuman is a Yogi Archetype that is known to take great leaps of faith to serve the love of his heart, keeping love and service at the forefront of his actions.  In a yoga story, Hanuman literally rips open his chest to reveal the intentions of his heart.  

Hanuman can help us remember how we can keep our actions flowing from our hearts, offering love, compassion and service to our community; and Hanuman Homies is excited to share the practice of service yoga (Seva) by attending our events, or contributing funds or supplies to our cause.  



Our Vision

We believe that tools of Yoga, Mindfulness and Mindful Movement can help our children learn how to shift from trauma to transcendence, victimization to resilience.  We understand that while children can’t choose their life situations they can learn how to handle their life situations with tools of Yoga and Holistic Wellness.

Yoga and Children’s Mental Health according to Social Work Today

Our Approach

We differ from other Yoga Outreach programs because we fully COMMIT to the children and program partners in our community.

  • We commit to a minimum of  year of Yoga when we build partnerships with community programs. Our commitment is to not only offer Yoga movement classes to meet the social emotional needs of children, but to support the community with Donation Drives to meet the tangible needs of Youth and Staff.  This is to further our commitment to extend beyond the children we serve with the hope to help the staff feel supported as well. 

  • We commit to consistency to the children we serve. Children need consistency rather than a rotating door of teachers/volunteers. Consistency helps the children build trust in us and feel safe.  It allows teachers to walk with integrity and devotion to our volunteer work. 

    How to Support Youth with Trauma History

  • We commit to professionalism with our community program partnerships. We respect the culture and process of trust required to collaborate in positive change.  This means we will undergo the background checks and orientations to fully understand the needs of each specific community.

Our Community

  • We all understand that it takes a village to raise a child, and our approach is no different.  We offer a minimum of 1 monthly offering for community to join us in raising funds and awareness for those we serve through various Yoga Events, Partnerships, and Donation Drives.   

  • We welcome corporations and individuals who wish to contribute to our endeavors by hosting fundraising events and donation drives to support our work.

  • We began as a grassroots non-profit organization and we operate this way!  Sharing our story and our events supports our history and our future!