Hanuman (Hah-new-mahn) Homies is a non-profit that provides opportunities to take yoga off the mat and into the community.


Stefanie Tovar founded Hanuman Homies in Spring 2017 to inspire connection to service within her DFW yoga community. Hanuman Homies gives back by hosting yoga and fundraising events, championing donation drives, and providing yoga within the community. 

hanuman homies

Hanuman is a Yogi Archetype that is known to take great leaps of faith to serve the love of his heart, keeping love and service at the forefront of his actions.  In a yoga story, Hanuman literally rips open his chest to reveal the intentions of his heart.  

Hanuman can help us remember how we can keep our actions flowing from our hearts, offering love, compassion and service to our community; and Hanuman Homies is excited to share the practice of service yoga (Seva) by attending our events, or contributing funds or supplies to our cause.  

Check out the video below to learn more about the inspiration behind Hanuman Homies.

VIDEO BY andrea palaia


Hanuman Homies is focusing our efforts towards contributing yoga classes and events to various communites throughout DFW to help raise awareness and funds to support our children locally and abroad.  Our main project is securing funding and staff to provide weekly yoga to Jonathan's Place, a thriving non-profit organization that provides a safe and loving home to children who have been victims of abuse, abandonment or neglect.  



We hope that you join CAN JOIN us on and off the mat this year!


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