Jennifer Usherr

Lead Instructor at Poetic

Jenn has been teaching yoga since 2005 and knows that the practice of connection and awareness brings a sense of inner calm. To build her skills, she gained certifications in both Ayurveda and Thai Massage and is a licensed massage therapist. But in 2010, when a service and leadership training with Off The Mat, Into the World introduced to her how trauma is stored in the body, she realized the full power of healing that is yoga. This has become her passion, and she has continued to study how trauma effects the body, mind, and spirit.

For seven years Jenn was a collaborator and organizer for the advocacy group, One Love Dallas, raising significant funds and awareness for global social injustice issues such as poverty, women’s rights and human trafficking. For two years she organized yoga classes for Mosaic House, a family shelter for victims of trafficking and domestic abuse, and continues to support Mosaic Family Services with yearly donation drives. She offers Trauma Informed Yoga trainings to other local teachers, and currently teaches yoga for Hanuman Homies at Poetic Dallas, an upward pipeline for girls who have been exploited or trafficked.