Stefanie Tovar


Lead Instructor at Jonathan's Place

“As a child that grew up through unstable circumstances, I understand the Strength and Grace that can come from adults ready to Lovingly Guide. It is my hope that we can be a Resource for our Children. We hope to join this beautiful village of teachers, social workers, services providers etc. to help Raise our children; and I hope you join our Village as well.”

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Silvia Tovar


“Too often, children are the forgotten group whose spiritual and moral needs fall in the cracks. Check marks are made for physical needs to ensure survival. Hanuman Homies looks and cares for the whole child. I am in love with their Mission and realize I can share my talents to free those who give their hearts to these children.”

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Jennifer Usherr

Lead Instructor at Poetic

“It is my purpose to empower those who have been underserved by society. I am especially passionate about uplifting women and girls and fighting back against human trafficking. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve, and thrilled to work with Hanuman Homies because I believe in the healing power of yoga. Yoga is union, connection; and when we connect together and rise, we are all lifted.”

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Megan Bird Williams


Lead Instructor at Thomas Jefferson High School

“I work with Hanuman Homies, because I believe in the power of yoga. I have seen first hand from my high school students the value it can have in their lives, and the outlet it offers in times of need.”

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Samantha Foreman

Graphics Designer

I believe that we can all make a difference in our communities. Love and compassion are infinite resources. I love being a part of an organization that makes life long impacts on the lives of so many.”

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